Steve is a self-described short, fat, white boy from Detroit. The rest of the firm tolerates Steve’s sad devotion to Michigan Wolverine football, although the line was drawn when he tried to wallpaper his office with Jim Harbaugh fatheads.

Steve Williams


Despite Karen and Bobby’s claims to the contrary, Steve graduated magna cum laude from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 1996.


Steve has represented public school districts for more than 20 years and has experience in almost every area of school law. Need a contract or help with a construction project? He will help you get the deal done without unnecessary delays or over-lawyering. Have a poorly performing teacher or other personnel problem? Steve will help you develop a remediation plan and take other action that is fair but still demands excellence in the classroom. Have questions about public bidding, student discipline, option enrollment, reorganizations, open meetings, public or student records, CIR or negotiations? Give Steve a call. He also has considerable experience in representing parents and children in juvenile court. That experience, paired with his undergraduate degree in psychology, gives Steve unique insight into school law issues. Steve frequently makes presentations at NCSA and NASB sponsored conferences on a variety of school law topics.

Steve likes educators so much, he went out and got one of his very own. Amy Colwell, Steve’s long-suffering significant other, has spent her entire career in education as a teacher, administrator, and educational facilitator. Steve’s house can be a full one, with his two kids, Sammy and Kyle; Amy’s three children, Riley, Jack, and Posie; and their three dogs, Bo, Dexter, and Molly. Sammy was a National Merit Scholar, proving that in the nature v. nurture debate, both sides are wrong. Sammy currently spends her days in Washington, D.C. pursuing her passions of history and art. Kyle works at Faith Lutheran Daycare, which is evidence in and of itself that Kyle is more kind and patient than Steve will ever be. Riley attends UNL and is a future special education teacher (for students, not for Steve). Jack enjoys his time in high school playing football, maxing his squat and bench press, eating and sleeping like it’s his job, and making the honor roll. And Posie likes to make art, play - outside, with friends, with 'stuff' (not toys, toys are for little kids) and avoids her brother and cleaning her room when she isn’t busy working her way through elementary school. In their free time, the dogs like to bark at nothing, go for walks, and eat . . . everything. If you see him on the street, be sure to ask Steve about the $1500 pair of underwear. Easily bribed with free food, Steve enjoys eating chocolate, embarrassing himself at golf scrambles, dominating Bobby Truhe at fantasy football, and advocating for the rights of introverts.

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