Policy Service

The idea behind our Complete Policy Service is simple: we include all policies which are legally required.  We then add policies that are legally advantageous, functionally necessary, or just plain useful.  

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Complete Policy Service  

Our firm offers a complete set of school policies that is well-researched and regularly updated.  Our policies are written to be lean and clean, without any extra legal jargon.  If your board would like a policy customized for a particular practice we will write it at no additional cost.

When a particular policy could be written in multiple ways, we include the different versions so the board can choose what it prefers — you’re the educational experts, not us.  When a policy is optional, we note that, too.  The goal is to provide a comprehensive policy manual which is both useful and consistent with your practices.

Included in the Complete Policy Service Flat Fee:

  • Creation and adaptation of any policy that is unique to your district or service unit

  • Questions and legal advice regarding any policy

  • New policies as needed to tailor our policies to your needs

policy updates

We prepare annual policy updates to reflect changes to state and federal law and in some cases, our collective experience in representing public schools and related entities.

As new laws and regulations are passed, we will issue immediate updates to policies as needed.  These updates fit seamlessly into our Complete Policy Service and are provided to those clients at no additional cost.

We understand some districts like their current policies, but want assistance in updating their policy manual to ensure compliance with local and federal law.  For that reason, we also permit schools and service units to purchase the policy updates as a stand alone service. 

As a Policy Update client, we will work with you until your policies are legally compliant and consistent with your practices.