Coady Pruett


Coady’s name (pronounced “Cody,” for those of you who hated phonics in school) is about as traditionally spelled as his work background.  Coady started his professional life as a civil engineer, which provides him with a strong foundation in traffic intersections (snooze…) but also school construction issues.  After a few years as a civil engineer, Coady decided that he actually liked making eye contact with people when he talked to them, so he went to law school at the University of Nebraska College of Law.  Coady joins us with 5 years of experience at a large law firm in Lincoln and a few years in the commercial insurance business. Obviously we like a traditional path into the practice of education law here at KSB…

Coady grew up in Northern California and attended California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo (too long to remember, but it sounds impressive right?).  Despite being from California he is...totally mostly normal.  He likes Husker sports and San Francisco Giants baseball, only the latter of which is unfortunate.

Coady classifies himself a type-A personality, although we classify him as a type-D for “able to drink and still golf well.”  In addition to being a good golfer, Coady has a great handle on many of the practice areas of KSB both because of his professional background and because his wife, Elizabeth, is an instructional coach in Lincoln Public Schools.  

Coady has a good foundation in most areas of school law, but he has particular knowledge in construction, contracts, facilities use, insurance, constitutional law, and student and staff issues.  Coady is licensed to practice law in Nebraska and Colorado.

Coady and Elizabeth are the parents of Julia and Avery, but they are also about to be blessed with twins!  No, not the type where the Giants sweep an interleague series in Minnesota, but the type that means no sleep and even less sanity.

We’re happy to have Coady here at KSB, and we look forward to all of our awesome clients and school community members getting to know and work with him!