Special Education Webinar - Help Us Pick the Content!


Every year, we seek feedback from our clients on presentation topics they'd like to see during our upcoming webinars and other conference presentations. Every year, we get something like this: "More special education!" but no specific aspects of special education. We hear you!

The KSB Webinar series turns its focus to special education next Tuesday, November 12 (if you haven't, you can register here), and we want your input. We have a list of topics we've saved up, and we want to know if you have other areas of special education you'd like to learn more about. We plan to use this to inform our webinar content for next week, but we also plan to use it as we select topics for other conferences throughout the year. It should be quick and painless, and we appreciate you helping us out!


If you are already registered, you will receive the Zoom link and materials on Friday.