Matt Russell


What can we say about our Office Coordinator Matt Russell that hasn’t already been said by his parole officer?  Matt covers phone calls, helps Shari wrangle our unruly attorneys, and drives the attorneys around the state so that (a) we can be more responsive to client communication when we are on the road and (b) Karen doesn’t text and drive.

Matt was born in Sandwich, Illinois, and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He is a proud graduate of Lincoln Northeast High School.  Matt is married to Shari, our paralegal, making her his boss at home and at work.  They have two kiddos, Kelsey and Jax, and the world’s cutest dog, Dozer.  As a former beer salesman, Matt is the guy to guy to talk to if you are looking for the perfect brew or shot of tequila. 

In his free time, Matt enjoys rooting for Notre Dame and the Chicago Cubs, flirting with Shari on the daily, schooling Bobby in darts, and handling teenage step-daughter drama.