The Best Way to Contact Your Lawyer

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We work really hard to be responsive to clients when you need us.  Over the last few years, we have noticed that some clients call the office, then call our cells, then text or email us.  Being a school administrator or board member is hard enough--we want to make it easier for everyone to contact us. So, we compiled a list of guidelines below which we hope will make it clearer how best to contact us and get the quickest response.

Phone Calls

  1. Call either the office or our cell phones.  Our office phones are linked to our cell phones, so you can call either number but you don’t have to call both.  

  2. Leave a message if you want a call back.  If you don’t leave a voicemail we assume you called one of the other folks in the office, or decided to shoot us an email or text.  


  1. We text!  Feel free to use our cell phone numbers to text us.

  2. Shari texts!  If it is an emergency and no one has answered the phone, shoot Shari a text. She always knows where we are and can bust down the door of the conference room if she needs to do it.   


  1. To get the quickest possible answer, use the e-mail address.  It will go to everyone in the office (including Shari, who always knows our whereabouts).  

  2. If you have e-mailed any of us and not received some sort of response in 48 hours, you should follow-up with our office.  We have had cases where a client’s email autofills Karen, Steve, or Bobby’s information with an old email address, or that were otherwise mis-delivered, sent to SPAM, or simply did not come through.  

Sharing Documents

  1. Scans are the best way to provide us with copies of documents.  That allows us to access the documents no matter where we are.

  2. U.S. Mail also works.  We maintain all of your files electronically, so all of the documents turn into scans anway (see rule #1)

  3. We can send and receive faxes.  If we have to. But it isn’t 1996 anymore.

Social Media  

  1. Social media is not a good way to receive legal advice.  We bow to no one in our love for social media.  If you think you should be able to contact your lawyer via Snapchat or Twitter, congratulations on being a millennial administrator or school board member! Otherwise, please enjoy our social media posts for interesting articles, jokes about Steve, and pictures of our kids and/or dogs, but please don’t use them to ask us legal questions.

Feel free to share this with other members of your board or administrative team.  Then you can show us what you’ve learned by communicating any questions via call/email/text as appropriate. For a downloadable PDF with all of the KSB crew’s contact information which you can save and consult as needed, please click here.