KSB Predictions for Season 1 Under Frost

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As much as I want to drink the Scott Frost kool-aid, I just can’t choke down the full serving being offered this year.  Nebraska’s 2017 results were, well, not good.  That’s being generous. Giving up 50 points in three straight games at the end of the season wasn’t just “not good”; it was awful. So while I am glad we’ve made a coaching upgrade, it’s tough for me to believe we’ll be back to the glory days in 2018.  And has ANYONE looked at our schedule this season?!?  Nine of our twelve opponents played in a bowl last season (and in case you don’t remember because you drank your way through bowl season, we did NOT go bowling). Road games at Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State and Iowa?  Yikes. And Michigan State, Minnesota and even Colorado at home aren’t going to be a cakewalk.  Ouch. I want to believe. But I just can’t. 6-6.


Scott Frost brings law and order – not to mention confidence and conditioning – back to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.   The Huskers will roll against Akron, Colorado, Troy, and Illinois. They’ll make a solid showing and win against Purdue, Minnesota, and Iowa.  They’ll squeak out a victory at Northwestern, but end up with losses after valiant efforts at Ohio State and against Michigan State. They will get curb stomped by Wisconsin and Michigan (the latter by a score of 314-5).  It's an 8-4 season and a trip to a nice second-tier bowl for the Cornhuskers!


My head recognizes 6-6 is a possibility.  My heart wants 9-3, cleaning up the slate of should-win and toss-up games, plus a win over one of Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, or Wisconsin.  I'm going with the popular cover of a 6.5 over/under, and predicting a 7-5 regular season, with a bowl win over some soft Pac 12 team for 8-5 and a solid start to the Frost era.  After last year's debacle (both on the team and my prediction...), I'm playing it closer to Vegas's read on the situation. Let's hope Gebbia can magically get Martinez's speed or Martinez can get Gebbia's passing acumen.  Either way, I figure the defense can't be worse (should create more turnovers if nothing else), and the offense should be a breath of fresh air, even if a bit sloppy in year 1. Regardless of whatever else you might think, let's all just hope Haase isn't right, for Husker fans' sanity and so her head continues to fit in the doors at the office.


Scott Frost was the quarterback who led the Huskers to a shared National Championship in 1997 under Tom Osborne.  1997 was also the year I graduated high school. I remember watching the games with friends and all the hype that came with that win.  We stormed the field downtown and thought we were pretty cool. Scott knows what it takes to win and he knows what Husker football was back in the day.  I don’t know if this is the year that he will go undefeated and bring home a national championship but I think we will do better than last year, I mean that isn’t asking much.  It’s getting “Frosty” around here! My prediction -- 7-5!


10-2.  #scottfrostforever #rideordie #gobigred


Scott Frost’s confidence and leadership—and the steadying effect of the players’ belief that Frost and his staff are only beginning a long tenure at Nebraska—shows immediate positive results.  Experienced players that were recruited by Pelini, played for Riley, and have adapted to multiple coordinators are energized by the new coaching staff and embrace a sense of urgency to get the program going in the right direction before they graduate.  Some of the grit that appeared to have been missing in the team’s performance during the uncertainty that surrounded the back half of last season is replaced by a renewed dedication to playing hard-nosed, “Nebraska Football.”

Still, the 2018 slate offers very few gimmes; it is likely that improvements in the quality of play are not necessarily guaranteed to show up in the Win-Loss column.  Nebraska should beat Akron, Colorado, Troy, Minnesota, and Illinois. The Cornhuskers will have uphill battles against Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Ohio State (notwithstanding the uncertainty surrounding Urban Meyer’s coaching status by the time Nebraska plays at the Horseshoe in Columbus).  Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern, and Iowa are toss ups; and Nebraska goes 2-2 against those opponents. Prediction: The Cornhuskers finish 7-5, which is respectable against this schedule.


I have lived in Nebraska almost my entire life.  However, I've never been a Husker fan. With that being said, I love me some football.  So let's talk about the Huskers: offensive line is suspect, QB suspect, defense suspect and if they are lucky they might end up fifth in conference play.  I see a struggling year yet again, but a promising future the next couple years. Frost is the right man for the Huskers to get back to where they need to be.  I also believe it will take a looooooong time for them to be better than third in their own conference. So my prediction for the season is 7-5 only because they squeak by Colorado and Northwestern. Go Irish!


A Frosty Start.  As a third year law student at the University of Nebraska, I am becoming more and more sympathetic to Husker fans. With that said, it pains me to predict a 4-8 season for Nebraska. I see three clear wins on the schedule (Akron, Troy, and Purdue) and the Huskers are bound to blow one of them. That leaves them with a few toss-ups (Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota), and I'll give them two out of three of those.  Scott Frost just got here, and even Jesus took a few seasons to save his team.

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