KSB Husker Football Predictions Are In


Karen’s Prediction: 

While I try to embrace positivity in all areas of my life, the Huskers have broken my heart too many times for me to give in to the preseason hype.  My burning questions this year is, where, exactly, do we think we will generate points?  Tanner Lee wasn't all that impressive at Tulane, and his mother must be having preseason nightmares about the offensive line play down the stretch last year. (Anyone else remember Utter being manhandled by Iowa? IOWA, people?!) Three of our top four receivers are gone. Our top running back is gone and his back-ups have demonstrated a remarkable lack of durability in the past.  This means we must rely on brilliant play-calling by Danny Langsdorf to generate offensive yardage, which basically means we are doomed.  The one bright spot of the season is that we do get a bit of eye candy in the form of Bob Diaco.  But even if Diaco coaches as good as he looks, a first year defensive coordinator cannot save this season.  It hurts me to say it, but I predict that we'll go 6-6 in the regular season.  Thanks to a lower tier bowl will be able to claim a winning season by defeating weak opponent in December. 

Steve’s Prediction:   

The Huskers still play football?  You sure about that, Clark?  I thought their team moved to Youngstown a few seasons back.  But if you say so . . .  The Huskers take a break from smoking pot, driving drunk, and their other unlawful ways to squeak out victories against the Red Wolves, Huskies, and Scarlet Knights.  The Huskers will disappoint against the Ducks, Fighting Illini, Boilermakers, Wildcats, Golden Gophers, and Hawkeyes.  They will wish they were still under the influence after being manhandled by the Badgers, Buckeyes, and Nittany Lions.  It's a 3-9 season for your Nebraska Cornhuskers.  The only bowl they'll see is the one at the end of their pipe.  - Esteban, The Real Eye Candy (trademark pending).

Bobby's Prediction:

The Tanner Lee hype train is legit, OL play improves, and Diaco's defense plays fairly well. Still, the Huskers are a bit too thin at a few positions to take on their full slate in 2017. The crossover schedule is too much to win the Big Ten West, but the outlook is good as we're competitive in every game. I want to drink the KoolAid and say 10-2, but I'm going with 8-4 regular season and a bowl win for 9-4.

Tim’s Prediction: 

Lee has a decent year.  Running game is middle of the road.  Defense and O-Line improve, but aren’t quite there.  Lee cut his interceptions in half in his two years at Tulane, and I think he keeps that trend going as he matures at QB. Without a clear starting RB coming out of camp, running game looks to be an inconsistent committee.  Diaco is a heck of a coach, and I’m all-in on his defense, but it’ll take another year for it to be firing on all cylinders.  7-6.

Shari's Prediction:  

Growing up in Nebraska I have always been a Husker fan.  Then I married a Notre Dame fan and have become a follower of them as well.  Bob Diaco joining the Huskers after previously coaching at Notre Dame gave me something to look at, I mean gave my husband and I something to talk about.  While I hope the Huskers have a great season, after listening to all the chatter I am not that hopeful.  I will plan the parties, dress my kids in cute Husker clothes for game day and hope for the best.  My prediction - 9-3.  

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