Minorities & Success

Once again Nebraska school districts are reporting that they have received

telephone calls, letters, and e-mail solicitations from a company called Minorities &

Success. The communications are designed to look as if they are from some

agency of the federal government. The e-mails refer to “School District Affirmative

Action Plan Update & EOE Requirements Reference #101.354.” Other school

districts have received phone calls “confirming” a conference call with the

superintendent regarding the Federal Contract Compliance Manual or "Executive

Order 11246". In other communications the company claims to be enforcing "a new

mandate for schools" This company’s aggressive sales techniques include making

claims that they have previously conducted business with your school and are just

calling to renew a contract. However, the truth is your district never contracted

with this company. They imply if not outright say that you are violating affirmative

action laws by not contracting with them. This simply is not true. Minorities &

Success only supplies a high-pressure sales pitch that misstates and misrepresents

the law. This company makes direct and indirect misrepresentations of fact and law

in an attempt to make easy money from unsuspecting schools.

Do not be fooled if your school is contacted by Minorities and Success. A few

years ago we went so far as to file a complaint against this company with the

Nebraska Attorney General’s office. If this company continues to contact your

school district or if you have any questions or concerns about how to respond,

contact your school attorney or Karen, Steve, or Bobby.