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We dig 504.  You should too.

Long gone are the days when school administrators could say “we don’t so Section 504 plans.” Changes in how the US Department of Education interprets Section 504 have created heightened obligations for schools.  Court decisions like the US Supreme Court’s Fry v. Napoleon Community Schools will make it even more important that Nebraska schools have their 504 compliance efforts in order.  

In this workshop, you will learn about the major elements of Section 504 eligibility, including health care plans.  Participants will have a chance to review several hypothetical students to see if they would legally qualify under Section 504.  We will then learn about the 504 process and about the components of a legally-sound 504 plan.  We will also give attendees a chance to review and critique sample 504 plans and to practice writing 504 plans with their peers.  Finally, the session will review extracurricular activities and student discipline for students with 504 plans.   This session is designed to be extremely practical for classroom teachers, 504 coordinators, and administrators.  

Access to downloadable forms, letters, and procedures will be provided.



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