A Chance to Learn From Each Other

Special education is complicated. How complicated? “Six hours of training, and we have to leave stuff out” complicated.  Parents want what they think is best for their kids.  Educators care a great deal about these students and have to balance the legal requirements and efficient use of resources of the district while providing a "free, appropriate public education."  But this law is complicated, often leading schools and families to seek help from attorneys and other representatives.

All of the presenters have experience in those roles, and we all agree that a better foundational knowledge of the governing laws and regulations can really help schools and families to collaborate and serve students.  While complicated, special education is a knowable process that has a profound impact on student’s lives.  Let’s tackle it and get better at it.  Our special education training will begin with the legal foundation of special education.  Then we will follow a special education student’s path from verification and child find through building and implementing their IEP.  Attendees will hear from school representatives, the Nebraska Department of Education, family advocates, and school attorneys.  Our goal is to help everyone involved in special education better understand the process and one another so we can focus on what’s important: the kids.



Location: Cornhusker Plaza, 301 S. 13t St, Suite 210, Lincoln, NE

In Classroom: $150; $250 with CLE Credit (4.83 Hours)

Distance Learning: $125; $225 with CLE Credit (4.83 Hours)

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Please note: seats in the KSB Classroom are limited.
The Arc of Lincoln has generously offered to cover its members registration fees, unless the member is seeking CLE Credit.