Mandy Gruhlkey


Mandy is a Texas native, Creighton law school grad, former public defender, and former county attorney.  Yeah, we hired a Jaysker from Longhorn country, and we can’t stop Steve from asking her about all of the crimes people commit on his commute to work to justify his road rage.  

Add to her list of “super qualified to be a school lawyer at KSB” the fact that she has served as a guardian ad litem and has her bachelor’s degree in education.  She even completed her student teaching before realizing she could make a bigger impact in kids’ lives by going to law school. When people make lawyer jokes, they’re not talking about Mandy (but they are talking about Karen).  Little did she know how often the worlds of education and law enforcement really do collide, and we’re delighted to have her experiences in the juvenile and criminal justice systems, which we utilize daily. Her knowledge of criminal law also comes in handy at our annual retreat….

So far, Mandy has enjoyed working on student discipline matters, administrative filings from the Office of Civil Rights and NDE, and all things related to personnel matters.  

For those of you who haven’t met Mandy yet, you’ll also realize she is easily the tallest person in the office.  We wish this was a bigger accomplishment. Although she was a former basketball player, Mandy is also a golfer--a key qualification for getting hired at KSB now that Bobby has brainwashed everyone.

Mandy is single and for some reason has so far resisted allowing KSB to write a profile for her on (what could go wrong?!)  She has two cats, but don’t you dare call her the crazy cat lady! In her spare time, Mandy enjoys spending time with her family, especially her nieces and nephew.  She is active in the community, serving on the Circle Theatre Board of Directors, KVC-DD Advisory Board, Sarpy County Bar Association Executive Board (She’s the President!), NSBA Professional Enhancement Committee, Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Equity and Fairness, and Bellevue University Criminal Justice Advisory Board, in addition to her memberships in the Nebraska and national councils of school attorneys.

Please help us welcome Mandy, and congratulate her on coming over from the dark side!