3 Easy Notices to Get Posted ASAP in August

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The final post in our “Are you ready for August?” series is focused on providing notice of relevant laws and policies to students, staff, and parents.  Whether it’s a notice that is required to be posted by law, or just keeping staff updated, these are the documents you should make sure get into the right hands on on the right walls.

Student Policies.  

Neb. Rev. Stat. 79-262 states that student discipline policies, “shall be distributed to each student and his or her parent or guardian at the beginning of each school year, or at the time of enrollment if during the school year, and shall be posted in conspicuous places in each school during the school year.”  You may have notice we emphasized that last sentence.  This is one of the basic components of the Student Discipline Act that we see districts struggle with.  As you get ready to throw open the doors, be sure your discipline policies are posted in each building.

Labor Law Posters.  

As an employer, school districts are also required to post state and federal labor law posters in each building.  The Nebraska Department of Labor has downloadable posters available here.  

Copyright Compliance.  

Copyright remains a tricky issue schools.  In some cases districts can’t purchase a license to works even if they try, and in other cases staff simply doesn’t try.  The U.S. Copyright Office has a guide for the reproduction of copyrighted works by educators that we think should be distributed to all staff at the beginning of the year.  You can download a pdf copy the guide here.

Here’s to a great 2018-2019 school year!