Guidance Documents

As most of you are aware, the Nebraska Department of Education adopted Safety and Security Standards on June 3, 2016. In order to assist our policy subscribers in meeting these new standards and to prepare for the Security Assessor’s visit, we have revised a number of our standards policies.

This memo will guide you through the changes.

2016 Safety & Security Memo

We have also provided links to the Nebraska Department of Education's FAQ's on Security Assessment and the Safety and Security Technical Assistance Guide.

NDE FAQs on Security Assessment Details

NDE Safety and Security Technical Assistance Guide

Updated Policies

Below are copies of each updated policy. Click on each link below to download an editable Word document of each updated policy.

If you would like copies of the Word documents with redline edits, please click the button below that says Safety and Security Redlines.

3018 Denial of Access to School Premises

3039 Threat Assessment & Response

3040 School Safety & Security

3041 Crisis Team Duties

4019 Workplace Injury Prevention & Safety Committee

4059 Suicide Prevention Training

5010 Immunizations

5030 Dating Violence

5054 Student Bullying

5067 Student Assistance Team Process