2017 Redlines

Click on the link below to download a redlined version of the Word document. 

2004 Oath of Office-REDLINE

2005 Conflict of Interest-REDLINE

2008 Meetings-REDLINE

3003 Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repair, or Site Improvement-REDLINE

3003.1 Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repair, or Site Improvement with Federal Funds-REDLINE

3004 Purchasing-REDLINE

3011 Transportation-REDLINE

3033 Lending Textbooks to Children Enrolled in Private Schools-REDLINE

3036 Purchasing Card-REDLINE

3038 Procurement, Suspension, and Debarment-REDLINE

3046 Service Animals-REDLINE

4001 Nondiscrimination-REDLINE

4010 Inclement Weather-REDLINE

4011 Family Medical Leave Act-REDLINE

4019 Workplace Injury Prevention and Safety Committee-REDLINE

4041 Staff Dress and Appearance-REDLINE

4053 Conflict of Interest-REDLINE

4060 School Vehicle Use-REDLINE

5001 Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism - TRADITIONAL-REDLINE

5001 Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism - NON-TRADITIONAL-REDLINE

5002 Admission of Students-REDLINE

5002.1 Admission of Students who Reside Out of the State of Nebraska-REDLINE

5008 Married and/or Pregnant Students-REDLINE

5015 Protection of Pupil Rights-REDLINE

5017 Routine Directory Information-REDLINE

5018 Parental Involvement in Education Practices-REDLINE

5022 Investigations and Arrests by Police or Other Law Enforcement Officers-REDLINE

5060 Service Animals-REDLINE

5063 Audio and Video Recording-REDLINE

6020 Multicultural Education-REDLINE

6023 Relations With Non-Accredited Private or Home School Students-REDLINE