Guidance Documents

Our 2017 Cover Memo guides you through each of the policy changes and new policies.  In addition, we have included several sections in the Memo detailing changes to the law and other issues which are important to consider but don't necessarily require policy changes.

2017 Cover Memo

Each year, school boards are required to provide students, parents, and/or the public with notices, many of which must be provided at the beginning of the school year. Similarly, school boards must review certain policies on an annual basis, even if they do not have to provide a separate notice of that review. This list reviews the notices and policy reviews your board should complete before the 2017-18 school year begins.

2017 - 2018 Annual Notices


On June 6th, 2017 we hosted a webinar to review the 2017 Annual Updates.  A recording of that webinar is available below.

Updated Policies & Forms


Below are copies of each updated policy and necessary forms. Click on each link below to download an editable Word document.

If you would like copies of the Word documents with redline edits, please click the button below that says Redlines.


2004 Oath of Office

2005 Conflict of Interest

2008 Meetings

2016 Participation in Insurance Program by Board Members

3003 Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repair, or Site Improvement

3003.1 Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repair, or Site Improvement with Federal Funds

3004 General Purchasing and Procurement

3004.1 Fiscal Management for Purchasing and Procurement Using Federal Funds

3011 Transportation

3033 Lending Textbooks to Children Enrolled in Private Schools

3036 Purchasing Card

3042 Construction Management at Risk Contracts

3043 Design-Build Contracts

3044 Incidental or De Minimis Use of Public Resources

3045 Use of Sniffer Dogs

3046 Service Animals

3047 Data Breach Response

4001 Nondiscrimination

4010 Inclement Weather

4011 Family Medical Leave Act

4011.1 Nebraska Family Military Leave Act

4019 Workplace Injury Prevention and Safety Committee

4041 Staff Dress and Appearance

4053 Conflict of Interest

4060 School Vehicle Use

4061 Workplace or Non-Workplace Injuries or Illness and Return to Work

5001 Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism - NON TRADITIONAL APPROACH

5001 Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism - TRADITIONAL APPROACH

5002 Admission of Students

5002.1 Admission of Students Out of the State of Nebraska

5003 Admission of Part Time Students

5008 Pregnant or Parenting Students

5015 Protection of Pupil Rights

5017 Routine Directory Information

5018 Parent and Guardian Involvement in Education Practices

5022 OPTION A - Investigations, Arrests, and Other Student Contact by Law Enforcement and HHS

5022 OPTION B - Investigations, Arrests, and Other Student Contact by Law Enforcement and HHS

5063 Audio and Video Recording

6020 Multicultural Education

6035 Athletic Contest Participation by Sixth Graders